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"Empowering Caregivers & Parents: An Engaging Learning Experience at Standard of Excellence & Training Center, LLC"

Based in Milwaukee, WI, Standard of Excellence & Training Center, LLC is an Educational Service Agency passionately dedicated to empowering parents, caregivers, and students. Our mission is to support those who assist children, teenagers, and adults with cognitive and physical disabilities. We firmly believe in the power of thoughtful actions, mindful listening, and compassionate practice.

We offer a welcoming and relaxed environment, ensuring the comfort of both students and parents. Our approach to education is interactive and enjoyable, removing the notion of learning as a chore and replacing it with a fun, engaging experience. We are committed to fostering a deep desire in our students to provide exceptional care.

Our affiliation with prestigious organizations like the American Red Cross, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services in the healthcare sector further solidifies our commitment to quality education. As you complete our courses, we are confident you will witness a tangible transformation, enhancing your ability to provide more effective care.


About Our Owners

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, the dynamic duo at the helm of Standard of Excellence & Training Center, LLC, bring over 20 years of combined experience in education. They both hold undergraduate degrees, further enhancing their depth of knowledge and understanding of the field.

As a proud veteran of the United States Army Reserves, where she served for eight years, Mrs. Anderson brings a unique perspective and richness to her role as an educator. Together, they emphasize key attributes in caregiving such as physical strength, patience, compassion, kindness, and organization. They firmly believe in fostering inner resilience, cheerfulness, and a keen sense of humor, qualities they deem essential in effective caregiving.

The Andersons underscore the importance of dependability, given the immense reliance clients or patients often place on their caregivers. Recognizing the potential for burnout in this demanding role, they stress the crucial need for self-care and understanding one’s own limitations.

Their affiliations with esteemed organizations like the American Red Cross and the Department of Health and Family Services underline their commitment to quality education. They aim to instill a deep desire in their students to provide exceptional care, ensuring that through their courses, students are fully prepared to make a tangible difference in their caregiving roles.

Henry and Rosland Anderson


What our students say about our trainings

Very good information and training.  The hands on participation was particularly helpful.  

  • The technique examples were very helpful during the training.

  • Very engaging trainer.

  • Demonstrations were helpful.  Whole class was done very well.

  • Everything the trainer did was great, from the teaching to breaking things down.

  • Trainers energy was great!

  • Great teacher, I enjoyed learning and the new skills I now have.