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Continuing Education (C.E.U.) Training

 The Continuing Education Units are an excellent all-round form of mental exercise.  Caregivers learn to evaluate, sharpen and overcome short-comings that may be causing a problem in the work place and boost their confidence.  In addition to being a form of mental exercise, the Continuing Education Units makes continuous learning of repetitive materials exciting.  The Continuing Education Units consist of hands-on physical activities and online learning.  The course outlines the following components:

  1. Medication Review
  2. Fire Safety Review
  3. Resident Rights
  4. Standard Precautions
  5. Abuse, Neglect & Misappropriations
  6. Alzheimer's/Dementia
To access the course please go to enter your username and password.  To obtain a username and password click on the sign up tab and select CEU Training.  Following payment a username and password will be generated and sent to you.