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SAMARAITAN'S TOUCH, LLC Personal Care Agency



Samaritan’s Touch, LLC provides competent workers who will assist your resident with daily cares. Our certified CNA’s are professional and dependable. Samaritan’s Touch, LLC has hundreds of trained professionals who are ready to fill your temporary staffing needs. We will fill a shift, or a vacation, time doesn’t matter.

Do you dread answering your phone because you know its staff calling in?

Our professionals are CBRF state certified care givers. You can feel confident that all requirements for employment including background check has been completed.

Give us a call four hours in advance, two at the minimum and we will supply the temporary coverage you need. Or visit the website and enter your information-address and time of need-duration, then make a payment.  Payment must be a minimum of four hours, four hours and eight hours are the options for hourly work. The worker will work the full amount of time paid for. If the worker is needed longer, simply repeat the process online and pay for additional time. It must be four hours minimum.

The rate of pay is $14 for skilled work provided by CBRF certified care givers. Many of our care givers have been in the health care industry for years. Don’t risk client’s safety, fines, closure and up to incarceration. Your staff will appreciate not being shuffled around every time someone misses a day or two because they are asked to fill in and chip in, taking time away from their lives and family. Get quality well trained CBRF certified temporary workers from Samaritan’s Touch, LLC.


 Payment Option


· My baby is sick

· I quit

· My car broke down

· Bus drivers are on strike

· I’m sick

· I lost my keys

· I’ve been in a car accident

· My child got suspended

· I thought I was on second shift

· I switched with someone

· I have court today

· My babysitter canceled

· I’m in the hospital

· Too much snow, rain, sunshine, air

· @#$% *&%


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