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Samaritan's Touch, LLC Personal Care and Home Health Agency

Service Agreement


Client Rights

Provider Rules


 Assessment completed by RN or Physician

Twenty-five percent discount

Samaritan’s Touch, LLC provides superior health care service to those who need assistance with personal care. Our CBRF certified, PCW certified care workers are knowledgeable and caring. “Care For Your Health!” As our loved ones age and ill family members convalesce, decisions are made that will serve the best interest of our loved ones. Expensive nursing homes and assisted living facilities are not the answer to their needs. Quality of Life is Necessary! Independence Priority! Familiar Loving Home is Paramount! Our workers help with the following needs

  • Assisting with getting in/out of bed

  • Assisting with toileting/incontinent care

  • Assisting with bathing

  • Assisting with eating

  • Assistance with mouth care

  • Assistance with dressing and undressing

  • Assistance with mobility and ambulation

  • Assisting with skin care; hair care; nail care

  • Housekeeping-meal preparation-laundry

They are also trained and registered in

  • Fire Safety

  • First Aid

  • *Medication Administration

  • Standard Precaution

Registration can be found online  PCW certification can be requested from Standard of Excellence Education & Training Center, Corp Samaritan’s Touch, LLC offers very competitive prices and detailed care.

Samaritan’s Touch, LLC does not accept Medicaid or Medicare. We understand that many are in need of home care and can’t afford it. Our affordable service allows for the client to remain at home, where he or she can enjoy all comforts and pay for health service, as opposed to extravagant rent. We have care workers who are attentive to the specific needs of the client being served.

Samaritan's Touch, LLC 3624 W North Ave.  Milwaukee, WI 53208 Phone 414.447.0334, Fax 414.447.8334,

 Service Agreement 

Samaritan’s Touch, LLC quality care service starts when all forms are completed and payment processing, and scheduling is confirmed. Samaritan’s Touch, LLC is obligated to the service agreement and the care rendered will reflect in actions performed by our personal care worker, satisfying the agreement.  Our personal care workers will inform the client orally and in writing of the extent to which payment was collected, the charges for service and what task(s) will be performed per the agreement. A statement of service will be given to the client at the end of care service unless the client waives the itemized list of service.


Payments can be made online http::// in the website or at the office of Samaritan’s Touch, LLC.  The two convenient methods of payment allows one to pay for the hour(s), or day(s) care will be needed. All care must be paid for forty eight hours before care service is to be provided. All cancelations must be faxed or emailed into Samaritan’s Touch, LLC twenty four hours prior to service to receive a refund. The refund will reflect a service charge of $2.00. If paid online a different fee may apply that is commensurate to size of payment. Client will be charged one hour of service if cancelation occurs within twenty four hours of care workers arrival.

  Client Rights

Rights are extended to every client by virtue of law and health care practice. Clients will be fully informed of services to be rendered. All clients may express concerns or changes they want to occur to service if they deem it necessary. (Changes may affect price of service) A client also has the right to terminate service if he or she deems the service unacceptable. The client will be informed of the risk of terminating health service and given information about filing a grievance. A client will always be given the opportunity to conduct independent activities, within reasonably safe conditions.

  Provider Rules

We will respect and honor a client’s need for privacy as much as possible, including appearance, preference, ability, religion, etc. Regular hours of service are provided in service agreement. Hours that are not between regular service times will have a different hourly rate. All service will be consistent with care plan. Care givers will provide excellent assistance which is consistent with training and experience.


A physician’s or nurse’s assessment must be completed before service can happen. Samaritan’s Touch LLC can provide nurse’s assessment service for a fee. The assessment will cover care that is offered by a PCW not a nurse. If the client has an assessment that originated from a personal physician or nurse practitioner it can be used for the care plan.